About the artist: Paulus Maassen studied painting and drawing at ArtEZ Art academy (former AKI) in Enschede ( Netherlands) and at the postgraduate studies DAI ( Dutch Art Institute) in Enschede . Since the AKI, Maassen has worked on sculptures and charcoaldrawings on aluminium but most of all on oilpaintings on canvas and wood in a simple, suggestive style. Since 7 years he works with acrylic paint. Maassen worked in Enschede and Amsterdam and exhibited in Enschede, Amsterdam and Venlo(NL). Nowadays Maassen lives and works in Amsterdam.

  • Artist statement
  • Watching clouds go by, I see all manner of things: rabbits, faces, rocks, whole landscapes, and some clouds just remained clouds. This triggers the question of when we start recognizing something. When does a brushstroke or a line with a pencil spark associations and when do they remain just brushstrokes or lines? This area between figuration and abstraction fascinates me. I am not so much interested in drawing or painting what I see, at least not beforehand. The process starts with a few spontaneous lines which become shapes that I observe and work out. The process continues as I alter the drawing until it gets a personality until it gives something back. After that, the painting commences. I use thick acrylic paint and a variety of brushes. I like showing the gesture of painting and truly love the physicality of paint, preferably thick paint. I paint on wood, sawing out the shape when the painting is done. These cutouts or ¨saw outs¨ start a new story in relation to the wall or, in some cases, to another painting. In a way, the wall becomes part of the painting.